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Your digital investors management system: from fundraising to online general meetings, organise your business the easy way.

Who is Spreds?

Spreds is a leader in the digital management of stakeholders. Founded in 2011, Spreds provides digital tools through a SaaS platform that handles the legal, administrative and financial actions and transactions related to the governance, fundraising and management of members, shareholders, investors, board members, etc.

Our Modules

Discover our digital tool and its various applications.


Since digitalising formal meetings (general assemblies, board, executive committees,…) has become a legal obligation, be sure to choose a tool like eGovernance that answers your needs.



Easily raise funds while focusing on the growth of your company by simplifying the complex management of investments and investors.


Simplify the management of your investors by gathering them, per round, in a dedicated compartment of our financial vehicle.


More Modules Coming Soon

We are constantly improving our governance tools to fit the evolving needs of our clients. Check back soon for more features.