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With more than 200 clients managed and over 50,000 users, Spreds has established itself as a leader in the digital management of stakeholders.

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Why use eGovernance?

Since digitalising formal meetings (general assemblies, board, executive committees, …) has become a legal obligation, be sure to choose a tool like eGovernance that answers your needs.

Cut by 5 the 15 to 25 hours usually spent organising a meeting (proxy, votes management).
Simple & Flexible
Thanks to a simple interface, you get to easily manage all complex situations (categories with multiple votes, specific quorums, etc).
Make sure your meeting is compliant with the Belgian legislation and that all information is logged.

Our plan

Whether you are a nonprofit, SME or condominium and need to organise one type of meeting or multiple types of governing bodies (board meetings, risk committee, etc) and have 10 or thousands of members to manage, our plan will match your needs.

/ year
40 users
€2.5 per additional user
Unlimited meetings
Unlimited types of meetings
(GA, Board, etc.)
Multiple categories
Weighted votes
Vote beforehand
Set-up assistance
1 FREE hour / year
€125 / extra hour
Rehearsal session
1 FREE hour for the 1st year
€125 / extra hour
Live support
€125 / hour


From nonprofits, SMEs, corporate lawyers, condominiums, fiduciaries or family offices, eGovernance is made for all different types of organisations. Discover what they think of our product below:

It is a good tool for efficient voting procedure, especially with a big voting body!
European Council for Steiner Waldorf
Ease of voting… everybody was very happy when using this tool. It also gave everybody a level of confidence.
It allowed for a clearer and faster voting process. This smoothness allowed more time for relevant discussions. It also improved our customer's overall professionalism impression. We will be using this tool in the future!

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